Oh, My God! Your Rat Wiki Page!

Rational Wiki is an extreme-Woke, anti-science website which defames and simply concocts information about scholars it dislikes because these scholars’ research questions Woke dogmas. The fact that it calls itself ‘Rational’ surely implies that it ‘doth protest too much.’

Unfortunately, some people, who are otherwise highly intelligent and discerning, don’t seem to realise its true nature, possibly because it involves the word ‘Wiki,’ which should be a red-flag anyway, considering the Woke biases of Wikipedia. It is written in a deliberately mocking-style, which should, surely, sound alarm bells.

Every scholar seriously associated with evolutionary psychology has a defamatory Rational Wiki page and, as this piece in the City Journal, the journal of the Manhattan Institute, demonstrates, each article is simply a long list of deliberate lies, ludicrous exaggerations and out-of-context willful misinterpretations. Each page has been written, as the article notes by a most psychologically and politically, well, fascinating individual. I really don’t think I need to say more. The City Journal has spinelessly removed the article but it has been widely discussed on Twitter. A fascinating summary of theĀ City Journal article, and the Rational Wiki (‘Crackpot Wiki’) writer in question, can be found here. Here’s what Prof. Steven Pinker had to say about it: