Hello, hello, hello! I like researching ‘controversial’ topics. If someone insists that a certain area is out of bounds and you’re ‘immoral’ for even contemplating it, then that is where new discoveries are going to lie.

I originally read Theology at Durham University, graduating in 2002. There I focused on Religious Studies under the Rev’d Prof. Douglas Davies, editing his book Anthropology and Theology. I then did a PhD in Religious Studies, focusing on Christian fundamentalism, at Aberdeen University under Rabbi Prof. Seth Kunin (and briefly, partially, under Prof. Steve Bruce), finishing in 2005.

I was made Docent of the Anthropology of Religion and Finnish Culture at Oulu University in Finland – I’m based in Oulu – in 2011. The word “Docent” is translated as “habilitation,” “Adjunct Professor” or “Adjunct Reader.” In early 2012, I was Visiting Lecturer in the Anthropology of Religion at Riga Stradins University in Latvia and I did a guest lecture on the subject at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania. 

However, I moved into evolutionary psychology, human biological differences and intelligence in late 2012 and have never looked back. Indeed, the choice between postmodern anthropology and evolutionary anthropology was termed “Dutton’s Dilemma” in the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

From 2012, I contributed to quantitative studies with the Ulster Institute for Social Research under Prof. Richard Lynn and others, publishing in such journals as Intelligence, Personality and Individual Differences and Journal of Biosocial Science.

In 2015, I was guest researcher in the Psychology Department at Umeå University in Sweden under Prof Guy Madison. From 2016, I have been academic consultant to a research group in the Special Education Department at King Saud University in Riyadh led by Prof. Salaheldin Bakhiet. In that year, I got my first taste of cancelation when Oulu University found me guilty of misconduct because of a misunderstanding on the part of my elderly boss and co-author Richard Lynn, Having both been smeared as ‘far right’ in the Finnish press, it seems obvious that anybody else would have been treated fairly by the increasingly Woke Finnish academia. For 2019, I served as editor of Mankind Quarterly, a journal that specialises in evolutionary psychology. In early 2020, Oulu University memory-holed me from their list of docents published on their website, seemingly due to my book The Silent Rape Epidemic: How the Finns Were Groomed to Love Their Abusers. 

In September 2020, on the strength of my published research in the field and experience, I was appointed Professor of Evolutionary Psychology of Business at Asbiro University in Łódź, Poland. This private university of applied science, to which I am thus affiliated, focuses on business and management and I contribute to the evolutionary psychology dimensions of this in an occasional capacity. I was, in 2021, appointed research associate in the Deanship of Scientific Research at Tabuk University in Saudi Arabia. In 2023, I was made Honorary Professor in the Institute of Psychology at the Russian Academy of Sciences. My proof that inter-cultural marriages follow the predicted hypergamy patterns of sexual selection has been termed “Dutton’s Rule.” 

I cannot help researching supposedly ‘controversial’ areas, because only these push the boundaries of knowledge. As such I am rather proud that Woke campaign group “Hope Not Hate” has called me a “pseudo-scientific race scientist” with “extreme and offensive opinions.” That such ideologues see you in this way, and find your arguments “offensive” to their dogmas, is proof that you really are exploring important areas of research. In pursuit of such research, I am happy to discuss ideas with anyone, regardless of their politics. Under the current anti-intellectual dispensation, this is not possible within Western universities, meaning I rely on funding both for my research and for my YouTube channel The Jolly Heretic, where you can also find interviews with me. Due to YouTube’s anti-Freedom-of-Expression policy, the censored and generally more forthright videos can be seen exclusively on Bitchute. and Odysee.

If you would like to help so that more of this boat-rocking yet empirically accurate research can be published, please do.

Also, please feel free to contact me at e.c.dutton@dunelm.org.uk. And follow me on Twitter @jollyheretic. And perhaps even buy a Jolly Heretic public house shirt, top, mug or other mechandise.